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YouTube now lets you deep link to specific spot in video

Via Mashable, YouTube now lets you link directly to a specific spot in a video (so gone are days of sending someone a link with the comment "...but skip ahead to 1:50 into the video."

It is only eight characters in length, and is entirely adaptable to whatever time frame in whichever video you wish to play. You simply add ‘#t=1m50s’ to the end of a URL on YouTube, and the deed is done. You should paste without the apostrophes included, of course, and with any numbers of your choosing to replace the counts for minutes and seconds. For example, if it’s a spot three minutes and fifteen seconds into a video that you want to focus on, #t=3m15s would be the appropriate tag to affix to the URL. Or, in the case of video comments, a quick and simple 3:15 will suffice.

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