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Your opinion counts: Sametime Collateral

I'm going to be sitting down the with the team that produces the Sametime data sheets and brochures in the next week or so, and am planning to take the opportunity of the forthcoming Lotus Sametime 7.5.1 release to revisit the style and format of our existing collateral.  

Since all of you are (hopefully) the ones reading this collateral (or if you're a Business Partner, passing these on yourselves), I'd love to hear your thoughts on the style, format, and content of our existing pieces.  If you haven't looked at them lately, you can find the current versions here:

A few of my own comments and some questions to get you started:
  • The idea is for the "flyer" to speak at a more general level about the capabilities that can be offered by a real-time collaboration solution and how Sametime can meet those needs, while the "data sheet" is supposed to be more focused on describing specifically what the product does.  I think we've blurred those lines a bit right now.
  • For the data sheet - do you want more feature/function/technical information?  Less?  Do we have it right? (I think we could probably provide more.)
  • How much of a mix between "Here's what it does" vs. "Here are the benefits you can get from those capabilities" do you want to see in the data sheet?
  • Do the "highlights" grab you?
  • Are we emphasizing the right content in the right order?
  • Across Lotus, we've moved away from having call-out boxes with bullet lists of key features or new features in this particular release.  Should we be bringing them back?
  • Across Lotus, we've moved away from listing out the tech specs (supported servers, client OS's, etc.).  Should we be bringing them back?
  • Length - How does the length of these pieces feel?  Does the data sheet in particular need to be shorter?  Is it OK if it ends up longer?

Again, those questions are just to get you started - all feedback is welcome.  Please feel free to leave a comment here or, if you're more comfortable, reply to me directly at adam at