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Yeah! Gia Lyons is blogging externally about Lotus Connections

Finally!  :)

Gia Lyons, Lotus' "social software evangelist," has just started up an external blog.   Gia has been blogging internally to IBM for a while now, with all sorts of great information on Lotus Connections, how to use it, how it compares to other products out there, and just in general about putting social software to use in a business setting.

It looks like she's populated her blog with some of her "greatest hits" posts, and I'd suggest checking out what she's got there already.

If you're using Connections already, or especially if you're not sure why you'd want Connections, you definitely want to head on over.

Link:  Connected

(PS - Yancy, please make sure she gets pulled into Planet Lotus, too.  Thanks!)