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XML Challenge Update

We're seeing the registration rate for the XML Challenge continue to rise, and there are still plenty of good prizes out there waiting to be won.

If you haven't already checked out the site, I'd encourage you to do so today.  Just enter your country (the contest is being run on a country-by-country basis, so we do need to ask for your country up front) and you'll be able to find out about the different ways to enter and win.

And speaking of entering, 2 new contests went live earlier this month, and new countries continue to come online, so even if you have been over to the site before, head on back and take a look to make sure you're up to date on everything that's going on there.

There are now five different contests for you to join:
  • Video Contest: Invent a creative use of XML, XQuery or DB2 and record yourself doing it.
  • Gadget Contest: Develop a downloadable gadget or widget leveraging DB2.
  • Query Contest: Use XQuery to find five answers. The best queries win the best prizes!
  • Ported App Contest: Port or develop a new app for DB2. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.
  • XML Contest: Win by building useful, user-friendly XML apps from scratch. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.

And if you wouldn't mind helping us pass on the word about the contest, Antonio Cangiano has an offer you should be interested in:
If you are in the US or Canada, and mention & link to this post from your blog, you’ll receive a free XML Challenge T-Shirt and a Rubick’s Cube as well. All you have to do is send me an email (to acangiano at with a link to your blog entry, as well as your shirt size and complete mailing address. 

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