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Will I see you at Connect?

It looks like I'm long overdue for some updates here.  

For those who haven’t heard, I returned to IBM Collaboration Services mid-last year, after several fun and exciting years in IBM’s Analytics business unit, most recently managing the Marketing Operations team.   I am thrilled to be back in ICS and to be managing the business-focused portion of the Offering Management team, spanning the messaging, social and unified communications offerings (on-premises and Cloud).  I’ve got a great team, many of whom you likely know already (and all of whom you should know), and it’s been a lot of fun diving back into the collaboration space.  A lot has changed in the 8+ years I’ve been away, and yet there’s still a lot that hasn’t.  

I’ll be heading out to Connect next week and am hoping to re-connect (sorry!) with those of you I haven’t seen in a while (especially those I've stayed in touch with online).  Drop me a note if you want to set up a meeting or just grab me in the hallway when you see me.

I’ll be looking to go into conference blogging mode while there, and am setting a personal goal to get back to more frequent updates for this blog going forward (working against an admittedly low bar, judging by the past few years).  In the mean time, hopefully I’ll see you in San Francisco!


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