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What’s in a name: Volt

I'm intrigued by the GM Volt concept car that seems to be everywhere over the last day or two.  Partly because I'm amazed they can get this much attention for a concept car that's going to require what sounds like some not insignificant improvements in battery technology before it can even come close to production (yet again proving what Seth Godin says - it's all about the story), but mostly because of the name.

First, I was surprised that no one had already claimed "volt" for an electric or hybrid car.  But then I quickly found myself conjuring up associations with about the only other one-syllable car name that I could think of, which is the Dart.  (I later also came up with the VW Golf, too.)  In neither case does it bring to mind "the car of the future."  

So I guess the real question is, why is it that there aren't more cars with one-syllable names?  Or are there a whole bunch that I'm just not thinking of?