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Do you agree with these database taglines? What would yours be?

LewisC, over on his IT Toolbox blog posts a humorous look at some potential database taglines.  

Do you know what a tag line is? It's those nifty phrases that come after a product or brand to get your attention. Like "Quality is job 1" or "Have it your way". Some of those tag lines really become part of the universal meme. Here are a few tag lines I'd like to see.

As always with things like this, it's always funnier when it happens to the other guy - I was laughing at the Oracle ones, while wincing at the DB2 and Informix ones.  You should head on over and leave comments on his site if you've got any others to suggest, but more importantly, I'm curious about any that you think hit a little too close to home.  

What should our taglines be, and what do you think we should be doing to turn them into reality?  I want to hear the answers to that on my site.

 New Database Taglines