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What did you think of the Online Community Action Day?

I wanted to thank all of my fellow bloggers who wrote about the Online Community Action Day (and if I've missed anyone, please let me know).  Here are some of the posts that came out on Oct 1st, or at least since I wrote about it on Tuesday):

Antonio Cangiano (DB2 on Rails):  7 ways to contribute to the DB2 and Informix communities
Susan Visser:  Online Community Day - Today
Chris Eaton:  Summer is over, time to blog again.
Raul Chong (DB2 on Campus):  Online Community Action Day: October 1st
Willie Favero:  Start "Community Day" in XML style
Fernando Nunes:  Community day: October 1 - What and why?
Marc Wambeke:  ChannelDB2 and DB2 Online Community Action Day

And I wanted to of course thank everyone who participated by posting comments, forum posts, forwarded on a list of community sites, or took other actions on Wednesday.

But mostly what I'd like is to hear from you.  What did you think?  I'll be honest... In looking through the above blog posts and skimming through the forums and newsgroups, I saw some positive comments but not a whole lot more participation than I'd have expected to see on an average Wednesday.  

What should we have done differently?  More advanced notice?  Did you not hear about it until after the fact?  Do you already participate and so didn't see the need to do anything special?  Did you just not see the merit in the concept?

***Updated 10/6***