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"We’re going to need a bigger boat"

Some more random observations from Lotusphere:

1.  Lotusphere 2008
I didn't make it to the innovations lab until just before it closed out, and I only hope that many of you made it over at some point during the week. Prior to that point, I had been wondering to myself how we could possibly top this Lotusphere next year. Then I visited the innovations lab, and walked away thinking "Lotusphere 2008 is really going to rock."  Something tells me it's going to be another busy year :)

2.  The Partner Showcase
Not only did I hear that the Sametime booth had a steady stream of visitors each day from opening (or even before opening) through closing time, I actually had trouble catching up with all our partners out on the floor because every time I tried to stop by to say hi, they were either talking to attendees, or we were shortly joined by attendees and I would step back and let them show off what they were doing.

3.  "We're going to need a bigger boat"
I peeked in at the repeat of the IM deep dive session Thursday morning, and found a full house.

Thursday morning.
After the usual Wednesday night, um, activities.
A repeat.

And still there were people standing in the back. Something tells me we might need a bigger room next year. Then again, based on what I heard about many of the sessions regardless of topic, a lot of sessions are going to need bigger rooms next year.