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Welcome to the new Sametime Blog

Welcome to the official blog of the Lotus Sametime Product Management team. If you followed Adam Gartenberg's blog,  you will know that Adam has recently moved on to a new role at IBM, but we will try to retain his services as a contributing guest author. If you are want to know what's happening in the world of Lotus Sametime products and IBM Unified Communications and Collaboration, this is your blog. We will do our best to maintain the traditions and high standards that Adam started for Sametime. Adam has even kindly copied all his prior postings related to Sametime for any newcomers to refer back to.

The new blog name was carefully selected after months of trial and market research and we came up with the very creative title - 'The Sametime Blog' !!! We  will now have multiple authors from the Sametime team as we simply cannot replace Adam with one person. You can read our team bios here.

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