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Welcome John DelPizzo, new Sametime Offering Manager

I'd like to ask everyone to join me in officially welcoming John DelPizzo to the role of Lotus Sametime Offering Manager.  As he's showing already, he far exceeds my creativity in blog post titles ("Hmm. New teeth.... that's weird."), and something tells me he'll have no problem at all fitting in to the Lotus community.

As he's also based here in RTP, I've had the chance to meet with John several times and have gotten to know him a bit, and I feel more than comfortable that I leave Sametime and our UC2 strategy in very capable hands.  He's already been asking the hard questions ("So exactly why are you doing things this way?") and coming up with good suggestions, and that's been really exciting to see.  

After four years under largely the same management, it's always good to get in some fresh blood with a new perspective and creative ideas, and I can't wait to see what John and everyone else on the Sametime team come up with.

John, it's all yours!

The Sametime Blog:  Hmm. New teeth.... that's weird.