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Watson after Jeopardy: What’s Next

As is noted on the recently updated site, "The challenge is over. Watson, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter concluded their final round of Jeopardy! and the winner was… resoundingly, humankind. "

I think that's a very apt description, for while Watson may have ended up his two games of Jeopardy with the highest dollar amount, there are very real implications for all of us, extending far beyond the game show set.

IBM has already made announcements about applying Watson's analytics for the healthcare field (IBM to Collaborate with Nuance to Apply IBM’s "Watson" Analytics Technology to Healthcare), and there are numerous other industries where applying similar analytic capabilities can deliver enormous rewards.  My colleague Bernie Spang wrote a guest post on the IBM Research blog with some additional examples (Watson making Information Management (even more) cool).

The Watson team has also produced a video that shows where things are headed next:

I'll be writing more in the coming weeks about this topic, but I couldn't leave off this week's posts on the match without sharing some of the other places that Watson turned up this week, namely Conan and The Daily Show:

(and the saga continued the following night)

- Intro - Watson Competes on Jeopardy

(make sure you stay on for the next segment, where Watson continues to make appearances)

And I guess it would only be fair to let the very entertaining Ken Jennings have the last word on things for the week:

Image:Watson after Jeopardy:  What’s Next