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Want to follow IOD 2009 from afar? Here’s how!

For those of you who can't be here on site with us for the IOD conference this week, don't despair.  There are still plenty of ways to follow along from home.

As I mentioned a while back, this is the first year that we're having a formal blogging program, so be sure to check in with folks like me and Todd "Turbo" Watson for regular updates.  (I'll update this post with links to additional bloggers shortly - but I expect if you subscribe to or check in on planetdb2 and planetids you'll catch a lot of them).  You're going to want to keep your eyes on the IBM press room as well, as I expect we'll have announcements rolling out over the course of the week.

You can also follow along on twitter through the official @IODGC2009 and the #IOD2009 twitter hashtag, as well as several others that will be tweeting from here.  Some IDs grabbed from @IOD2009 include:
@agberg (that's me)

Again - far from a complete list, but some names to get you started (and feel free to mail/tweet me if you want to be added to the list)... keep your eyes on #IOD2009 for all the latest.

***Updated 10/26 8:15am pt with additional names***