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Want the scoop on Cognos 10?

Want the scoop on Cognos 10?

You might need to wait another 12 days, but over on the Performance Perspective blog (IBM Cognos 10 is coming. Are you ready?) my colleague Delaney Turner shares what you need to know and where you need to go to be the first to hear the details on this very exciting release.  

On October 25, at 2:15 PM PDT we take the wraps off the next generation of our business analytics solution, live from Business Analytics Forum @ Information On Demand 2010 
And, we're inviting you to see it. If you're not attending Business Analytics Forum, we're hosting a live online simulcast of the Rob's entire keynote address. Rob will outline the vision leading to key innovations that will revolutionize the way organizations use business intelligence. You'll hear from customers who are already using the product. And, of course, you'll get to see a demo. After Rob's keynote we'll also be hosting a live Q&A session that will give you a chance to ask questions directly of our own Harriet Fryman, who knows the product inside out and backwards. And, after Business Analytics Forum, we're taking IBM Cognos 10 on the road and around the world through more than 100 live and virtual events
IBM Cognos 10 will help you and your organization see more and do more to make the smarter decisions that drive better results. Don't miss your chance to see it launched live.
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