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VoiceRite podcast with the Taking Notes crew

The Taking Notes crew have just posted a podcast with VoiceRite, talking about among other things the integration with Lotus Sametime that's available now.

We start out the show by defining what unified communications and unified messaging are and then talk about the VoiceRite Client for Sametime 7.5. We then learn how you never have to pick up the phone to check your voice mail or change greeting since you can do all of that from your Sametime client. Whether you have an old analog or new Voice over IP PBX from any where in the world you can see who's calling your voice mail, send an IM message to Sametime which is spoken to the callers or even transfer the call to a soft phone or cell phone.

In case you missed it, read that last sentence again... "...send an IM message to Sametime which is spoken to the callers."  It's a whole new world out there, folks.

Sametime and the VoiceRite Client Plug-in showing intercept options for an incoming call

Listen to the podcast here:  Taking Notes Episode 46
See more details here:  VoiceRite Client for Sametime
or stop by and visit VoiceRite at their booth at Lotusphere