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VoiceCon San Francisco 2008

If you're attending VoiceCon San Francisco next week, be sure to stop buy the IBM Pavilion at booth 323. We'll be featuring demos and subject matter experts on:

  • Joint solutions with Cisco, Avaya, Nortel and other partners
  • Productivity Solutions for Mobile Workers
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2) Software
  • Communications Enabled Business Processes

In addition, don't miss the following presentations from IBM'ers:
  • Bruce Morse, Vice President, Unified Communications & Collaboration Software
    Keynote Presentation
    Wednesday 9-10am
  • David Markshak, Senior Product Manager, UC2 Software
    UC: How Far Have we Come? What's Next?
    Tuesday 1-2:15pm
  • Jacques Pavlenyi, Go-To-Market Lead, UC2 Software
    Integrating communications & collabortion in a rich multimedia experience
    Wednesday 12:45-1:15
  • Marisa Viveros, Vice President, Converged Communications Services
    Leaveraging VoIP Investments for Unified Communications
    Wednesday 2:45-3:45
  • Pat Galvin, Senior UC Architect, UC2 Software
    VoiceCon Summit: UC and Software-based Architectures
    Thursday 9-10