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Video: T-Mobile replaces Oracle with Netezza

"Everything we do with Netezza pretty much was impossible before."
-- Christine Twiford, Manager of Network Technology Solutions, T-Mobile

Watch the video below to hear how replacing Oracle with Netezza is allowing T-Mobile to radically change the type of analyses they can perform and the speed at which they can do it.  Christine Twiford, T-Mobile's Manager of Network Technology Solutions, describes how they can now do things like nationwide searches or network-level aggregation, which was impossible for them to do before.  "That was just inconceivable.  So we're able to do that now in just seconds with Netezza.  It's changed everything for us."  And this is all being done by the same (small) team that they had before.

In this video, Christine Twiford, T-Mobile's Manager of Network Technology Solutions, explains how and why T-Mobile replaced a 40 terabyte (TB) Oracle data warehouse with an IBM Netezza appliance. She discusses the various business units served by the IBM Netezza appliance today and the evolution of that platform which today holds 2 petabytes (PB) of data.

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