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Video: Driving Client Care Innovation with the Hertz Corporation

Earlier in the week we shared how rental car agency Hertz is using IBM Content Analytics software to mine customer feedback and enable rental locations to take immediate action (such as staffing up as soon as people start complaining about long wait times, rather than three weeks later as in the past).

In the video below, Hertz's Joe Eckroth, Senior Vice President for Global Customer Care, Chief Information Officer, sums up the information challenge Hertz faces and his perspective on how to turn it the information to their advantage:

We do tens of thousands of rental transactions a day and millions of incremental transactions to support those rentals every day, and you can imagine that at level of data, trying to sift through that and find the nuggets of information to serve our customers better is daunting.  The challenge is how to turn that data into real information that can be used at that location to serve the customer better.