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VBrick enables Sametime with Streaming Video to Desktop

Noticed this on "The Enterprise IP Video Blog" via the Lotus Software User Group on LinkedIn. Excellent use of Sametime's open SDK & plugin architecture to deliver a compelling experience to the user.

We are very excited today to announce the VBrick Enterprise Media System (VEMS) Plug-In for Sametime...

The VEMS Plug-in for Sametime allows users, without leaving their Sametime environment, to browse, search, and play live and stored video – and even webcasts and live television channels. Additionally, users can easily share video with their, contacts and even chat with content experts who have published content.

Until now, the Streaming and Unified Communications worlds were largely separate. The VEMS Plug-In for Sametime, unifies these two environments. And, when it is combined with VEMS, this really allows organizations to deliver video to any enterprise location or the Internet without disrupting other applications through VEMS Intelligent Video Networking Engine .

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