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Use an e-mail signature to spread the word about the Data Management Community

A key part of my job is to build awareness for the various IBM Data Management community efforts.

To that end, I (and other colleagues) have started including in our e-mail signature a link to a new Data Management community landing page that we've created on

Of course, there's no reason that IBMers should be the only ones helping to spread the word.  After all, you are what makes this a community!

If you want to help spread the word to your colleagues, management, customers, or business partners and show them just how vibrant a community we have around these products, I'd encourage you to download the signature and start using it, too.

And this being a community effort, I'd of course welcome feedback or improvements on the signature (I'll be the first to admit I'm not a PhotoShop wizard).  Heck, create your own - just please send me a copy!  I'm also interested in any feedback on community sites not yet listed on the landing page.  (For example, we're in the process of adding the Informix Zone and the IBM Data Studio Group Space to the site.)

Also, as noted on the directions page, I don't have any personal experience with Microsoft Outlook, but if someone wants to send over instructions on how to automatically include a signature file in Outlook, I'll add them in, too.