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USA Today: Tech-savvy put business intelligence to work

USA Today this week published a lengthy article on how startups, enterprises and government agencies are using business intelligence to change the way they work (Tech-savvy put business intelligence to work).

Included is a profile of how the Clark County Department of Family Services is using IBM Cognos software to replace time-intensive, manual spreadsheets with a reporting system that is not only freeing up staff time and reducing errors, but also provided the foundation that enabled them to qualify for $7M a year in federal funding to help protect children.

In the article, Boris Evelson, BI industry analyst at Forrester Research, describes the amount of money organizations are putting behind this technology.

Yet the potential payoffs seem clear. Forrester estimates global spending on BI software will ring in at $9.4 billion this year and rise to $14.1 billion by 2014. That does not include a comparable amount likely to be spent on BI consulting services. "BI is nirvana for software vendors and consultants," says Evelson. "Tons of opportunity for everyone."

The article also highlights the innovation and investment IBM is making in this space, quoting General Manager Rob Ashe.
IBM, in particular, is betting big on BI. In the past five years, it has spent $14 billion to make 24 BI acquisitions. Its payroll now includes 10,000 BI software developers, 8,000 BI consultants and 200 BI mathematicians. "IBM is dedicated to making business analytics mainstream," says Rob Ashe, general manager of IBM's business analytics and optimization division.

The company generates $9 billion in annual revenue from BI software and consulting services. Its small army of salespeople, consultants and technicians have marching orders to push that figure to $16 billion by 2015.

For more details on Clark County Dept. of Family Services and additional examples of organizations benefiting from BI technology from IBM and others in the market, please see the full article.  You can also read more about how Clark County is using IBM technology in the press release from IOD (IBM Helps Clark County Deliver Social Services)

Link:  Tech-savvy put business intelligence to work