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Upgrading Lotus Sametime: Update

For those who don't read the comments on this blog regularly, I thought I'd pass along some of the responses to my post the other day ('Midnight') on a customer that was scheduling their Lotus Sametime upgrade for midnight last weekend.

Inside IBM, we also perform upgrades/maintenance at midnight on the weekends to minimize disruption.  That said, IBM is a global company with working going on 24x7 and having Sametime unavailable even for a few minutes is viewed as a negative - even if an upgrade is being performed to provide new features/capabilites.

I deployed Sametime for a Bank (not in the US) a few years ago, and they love it so much that sometimes when the branch offices can't connect to the main iSeries (for Banking transactions) they almost make transactions using Sametime.  I also did a Sametime Cluster upgrade 2 weeks ago, it had to be done during the weekend and after work hours. and I am talking about just Chat servers.

We also struggle to find a decent upgrade window.  Our other infrastructure teams find Sametime invaluable to communicate during the weekend/nightime when they are carrying out their own upgrades and maintenance.  With many working remotely from home it would be difficult for them to operate effectively without it.  We utilise an IP sprayer so that we can 'remove' a server from the virtual IP at a time to minimise downtime.

Also, an update on the company whose upgrade was the source of the post.  They dropped me a note to say that everything went smoothly and that they were done by 3 AM.  The users love the new features now at their disposal.