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Upcoming Webinar (6/11): Discover A New Kind of Intelligence

Please join us on June 11 for another Webinar on New Intelligence.  I know the last one was very well attended, and for any of you looking to learn more about how you can not only get control of your information, but put it to use to make faster, more informed, more accurate decisions, I'd highly recommend joining us.

Discover A New Kind of Intelligence. . .how the information you have can get you the results you need

Web Seminar Center, June 11, 2009, 01:00PM ET


Image:Upcoming Webinar (6/11):  Discover A New Kind of Intelligence

The world we live in today is increasingly instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent. We are experiencing a revolution, and information is at the heart of it. Businesses that are taking advantage of this new wealth of information are able to make more intelligent decisions and are rising to the top. They’re managing large volumes of information in real-time, incorporating analytics and predictive modeling, pervasively collecting and sharing information across the entire value chain, and speeding time to value by delivering trusted, accurate and timely information to the right decision makers. In short, they’re discovering a new kind of intelligence.

Capitalizing on its unrivaled technology leadership and end-to-end solution capabilities, IBM has developed a comprehensive program to help customers address their most complex, information-intensive business challenges. Our speakers will share customer success stories, frameworks and methodologies that will demonstrate how new intelligence is not only changing the competitive landscape, but literally changing the way the world works. You’ll learn how you can build an information agenda, create a roadmap for becoming a smarter company, and establish the flexible information infrastructure you need to deepen your competitive advantage.

Eric S. Sall, IBM Software Group, Information Management Director,
New Intelligence Market Mgmt
Strategy & Planning Marketing Manager


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