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Two new commercials: IBM Watson Analytics and IBM and Twitter

IBM recently started airing two new commercials focused on IBM's analytics capabilities.  The first highlights the way that the new IBM Watson Analytics can help you make sense of your data and find new opportunities.  The second highlights an example of how organizations can take advantage of the IBM and Twitter partnership to learn more about customers and apply that knowledge for competitive advantage.

How to make a smarter decision

How data can build a smarter business


How to make a smarter decision
Say you're a finance guy.  A farmer.  A researcher.

You used to depend on experience.  The internet.  Your gut.

Today you can use IBM Watson Analytics.  It can make sense of all kinds of data... uncover hidden correlations and new opportunities...  and give recommendations with more confidence on who will buy.  What to make.  Where to plant.

Which helps you make smarter decisions.

There's a new way to work, and it's made with IBM.

How data can build a smarter business.
Barbara just bought a bike. She wrote a Tweet about it.  You can't learn much from that.

But take data from millions of Tweets, combine that with your company's supply chain and sales data, apply IBM Analytics and expertise, and all of a sudden, you can learn which bikes to build, what to make them from, where to sell them.

Because Barbara and the world just told you how to build a better bike.

There's a new way to work, and it's made with IBM.