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Two Analytics webinars this week

We've got two webinars coming up this week that should be quite interesting.  The first is on Wednesday, 11/13, and will focus on the results from IBM's Global Analytics Study.  Join this webcast to hear how the top global companies have translated analytics insights into real-world results, and how you can extract value out of your analytics investments. 

The second, which will be on Thursday, 11/14, will focus on how you can analyze the big data being generated by social media ("Socialytics") to improve customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence.

IBM 2013 Global Analytics Study Webcast
November 13 I 12 pm ET I

75% of leaders cite growth as the key source of value from analytics. What’s their secret? Join us on November 13 as we explore how these top global companies have translated analytics insights into real-world results. Featuring the study’s survey of 900 business and IT executives from 70 countries, the webcast will show you:

• The nine levers that differentiate top performing analytics organizations from competitors.

• How these levers work together to enable, drive and amplify the value delivered by analytics investments.

• Actions to transform big data & analytics insights into business value.

All in one hour. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Socialytics: Harnessing business intelligence through the power of social media analytics
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013 
Time: 2:00 PM EST 

"Socialytics" sits at the convergence of Social Business, Big Social Data and advanced Social Analytics software tools. It is a powerful force multiplier that provides new perspectives and insights on matters that affect many aspects of your organization. "Socialytics" is a powerful business intelligence tool that taps the global social media spectrum for knowledge and information that will help you improve customer intimacy, customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence. 

In this webinar, you will learn about: 
• Where big social media data comes from and how you can harness it. 
• The different types of social analytics tools and their benefits. 
• Professional social networking and why it is important as it pertains to Socialytics 
• How other organizations are successfully using Socialytics to gain the competitive edge. 

What's your social analytics business strategy?