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Today is the Online Community Action Day!

Today is the Online Community Action Day!  

Have you participated yet?

Today is the day to go online and show the strength and power of your community.  All you need to do to participate is take 5 minutes from your day - just 5 minutes - to head over to your favorite blog, listserv, or forum, and leave a comment, post an answer, or share a tip.  

Heck - I'm guessing that at some point during the day you'll be visiting those sites anyway; all I'm asking is that instead of moving on to the next website or returning to your e-mail, you take one minute and say thank you for a post you found helpful, or take 5 minutes and answer a question that just got posted to the forum last night.  

You can head on over to Channeldb2 or the IDUG or IIUG websites and sign up for a free membership.  Or, if like me you find yourself using Facebook more and more these days, after you've checked out your friends' updates, type "DB2," "Informix," "InfoSphere," or "XML" into the search bar and join one of the groups that you find there.

What else might you want to do?  Pick just one of the following:

Or, if you really want to be ambitious, you could even go post your own tip or best practice to the listserv or forum, or even start your own blog!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm writing this blog post from the past, but I can't wait to go back online tonight and see all of the comments, forum threads, and blog posts.

Remember, this is not my community, and this is not IBM's community.  It's yours.  Thank you for making it that much more useful, helpful and enjoyable for yourself and everyone else in the community.