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Three Brave Amigos (and other photos from IOD)

Martin Short at IBM's IOD conferenceAs someone who has to be following IOD from afar, I really appreciate all of the people that have been taking and posting pictures.

I thought this picture of three very brave amigos was great (thanks, seemsArtless), but I have to say, seeing them in action in this video captured by Richard Hogg, is a must-see!  And if anyone knows who the three "volunteers" are, please leave a comment or drop me a note.  

Richard also has posted a few sets of photos from the IOD keynotes, which you can find here and here.  (Thanks, Richard!)

My colleague Amit has posted pictures of Arvind Krishna announcing and recognizing the first Data Champions during his keynote yesterday (and you can find his pictures from the previous day here.)  

Amit also grabbed video of Arvind talking about the XML Challenge during his keynote.

It looks like more pictures are being posted under the official "Information on Demand" ID over on flickr, too.  And for those on Facebook, Jean Georges Perrin has uploaded his pictures from Day 4 of the conference.  

Oh - and I see that he has posted a very nice quality video of the Three Amigos to his Facebook page, too.  Thanks, JGP!

Keep those pictures coming - I can't wait to see more!