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This Tweek in Twitter

Some laughs, highlights and genuinely usefull stuff from Twitter this week.

Biggest laugh, courtesy of @satwiksai:
Image:This Tweek in Twitter

Beset advice, courtesy of @JasonCalacanis (This really applies anywhere, not just at Mahalo)
Image:This Tweek in Twitter

Favorite Bio, courtesy of @latone  (Sadly, I once correctly answered a question on David Stockman when interviewing for a job at CNBC thanks to Bloom County)
Image:This Tweek in Twitter

Favorite new Twitter app:  Twitter Karma.  Hit "Whack" to see the overlap in people you follow and the people who follow you (via @Idonotes)

Image:This Tweek in Twitter

And, finally, most business value - #hashtags - which helped me follow along the IBM Web 2.0 Summit in absentia (and thanks to everyone who Twittered and tagged everything so religiously).
Image:This Tweek in Twitter


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