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"The last great technological hurdle - conference wireless (dammit)"

Looks like the folks attending the Web 2.0 conference could really use the DominoBlog, er, Lotus Notes 7.0.2 blog template right around now:

Kevin Briody:  The last great technological hurdle - conference wireless (dammit)

In particular, I think the blog he quotes sums it up well:

One thing that strikes me about all the talks and presentations at this conference is that they all assume ubiquitous net access. Kind of ironic then that the wireless access here has gone the way of oceanic flight 815. So, since this is the web and I like to link in my posts, having two out of three page requests fail makes for very little blogging from me at the moment. Even though I’m sitting right under what looks like a huge wifi access point bolted to the ceiling and have great signal strength, it’s completely wasted when DHCP and DNS are out. You’d think at the Web 2.0 conference they’d actually have wireless that worked, wouldn’t you?