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Tell me what Sametime documentation we’re missing

Well, I'm glad that got your attention :)

Before I get to the question in the title, though, there's some documentation that I missed posting on.

IBM and VMware have produced a reference architecture on running Sametime in a VMWare Infrastructure 3 environment.  (Thanks Jennifer and Carl).  If you are already or are considering rolling out Sametime on VMWare, I suggest taking a look.

So, now back to the question in the title....

While writing about the reference architecture, Carl brought up some additional material he'd like to have seen as part of this work:

This workload is fine for IM load but to me it's incomplete. This is the workload that ships with server.load, and it's all about IM, it's missing some key areas where customers feel load.  How does the Sametime Meeting Center scale, Audio/Video scaling in meeting, VoIP scaling, P2P video, P2P screenshare, TCSPI scaling , how well does the environment handle resolve requests from thousands of Notes clients etc.

Similarly, there was a request a little while back through the Sametime Forum for a list of the variables that can be defined in the sametime.ini file on a Sametime server.

So my question of the day is:  What other documentation would it be helpful for you to have?

IBM Lotus Sametime Reference Architecture in a VMware Infrastructure 3 Environment