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Technology as a "force multiplier" in solving crimes

IBM announced yesterday (link) that the Charleston, SC Police Department is using IBM predictive analytics software to help more accurately evaluate and forecast crime patterns, allocate resources and identify criminal hot spots, with the end goal being to prevent crime and increase public safety.

“Historically, police agencies focused on protecting the community by solving crimes quickly to serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals,“ Mark Cleverley, IBM global director of Public Safety solutions said. “Technology has proven to be a force multiplier that is helping solve crimes more quickly or to prevent them all together, and improve the way citizens are being served and resources are allocated.”

The type of solutions IBM is providing to improve public safety are discussed further in this video:

Update:  Gregory Mullen, the Charleston, South Carolina, Chief of Police, just wrote a guest post on the Smarter Planet blog sharing his thoughts and hopes for this initiative.
But I firmly believe that this is just the beginning.  I have learned that we must expand our thinking beyond strictly sharing data in bulk, to a mindset in which we can take advantage of tools that allow us to analyze information, create actionable recommendations, and disseminate our findings to my officers in the field that have a critical need for it in real time.