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Taming Big Data: IBM Data Mgmt Magazine

The latest issue of IBM Data Management Magazine is out, and if the term "Big Data" has started creeping into your lexicon (or if you are just wondering what all the fuss is about), you'll want to check this issue out.

It’s not just huge volumes. It’s not just microsecond response times, it’s not just incredible variety. It’s all three. Dealing with “nice” data, stored in well-defined data warehouse structures and handled sometimes months or years after it is first collected, is an increasingly smaller part of the job of data management. Here’s how folks are learning to handle the rest of it — the unstructured data, and the data that constantly changes as customers take actions and applications process input.

Other features include a look at how the US Senate is cutting 30 second response times down to 2 seconds through InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner software running on IBM DB2 z/OS; cloud computing; and Q&A on certification exams.

Link:  IBM Data Management Magazine, Issue 2