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System i Integrated Collaboration

Catching up on the week's the other week's news (I started this post a week ago but somehow never got a chance to finish and hit publish).
IBM and 3Com announced recently the System i Integrated Collaboration solution, which builds off the System i IP Telephony Solution IBM and 3Com delivered last November to provide businesses with an integrated Unified Communications solutions on their System i hardware.  

The part near and dear my own heart, of course, is the integration with Lotus Sametime:

System i IP Telephony Integration with Lotus Sametime 7.5 - Allows System i IP Telephony and Sametime users to make calls using their IP desk phone by simply clicking on a contact within their Sametime contact list. This allows users to quickly connect to co-workers and external associates using existing contact information.  Users can also view telephony presence through the Sametime client, viewing whether colleagues are logged onto the client and if they are on a call.

I've seen this in action and it does make for a very compelling solution.

Also announced:  System i IP Telephony Unified Messaging (receive voicemails, faxes and email in your inbox); System i IP Telephony Contact Center; 3Com SDK for System i IP Telephony

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