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Students band together to prepare for DB2 Certification

It's great to see posts like this one show up in my Google Alerts.  

A number of students at PUCPR in Brazil have formed their own DB2 User Group and decided to focus on helping each other pass the DB2 Fundamentals 730 Certification Exam.  Congratulations to César Felipe de Souza, Rafael Junqueira, and Thiago Rosseto on passing the exam!

Andrea Rodacki shared the news, and links over to the students' DB2@PUCPR site, which has more details about how they created and structured the group.  (And, as Andrea offers - please let her know if you're interested in starting your own group).

The DB2 User Group at PUCPR also called 'DB2@PUCPR' started its activities in October 2007, when the first members meeting was scheduled.

Formed by students of different courses such as System Information, Computer Sciences and Specialization in Databases and supported by the university teachers, the group members decided to initially study for the DB2 Fundamentals Exam 730.

Every meeting, one or more members show for the group a section of the program for the exam. This is a very interesting opportunity for all the members to share the knowledge with the group, which has been the most important approach.

In early 2008 a few members volunteered to develop the group web site (, which is available in Portuguese and also in English. The main propose for the web site is to concentrate the information demanded by the group.

Meetings, photos, schedule, files repository and also a forum are some of the web site features.