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Helena Schwenk: SPSS finds a place in IBM’s information-led transformation

Over the past few weeks we've started meeting with industry analysts about "information-led transformation," a concept that we're going to be talking a lot more about as we approach the Information On Demand conference next month.  I'll have more details to share on it in the near future, as well, but in the mean time, we've started seeing some of the analysts start to publish pieces on it.

Helena Schwenk, a Senior Analyst within Ovum's Technology Group, posted her thoughts on a teleconference that Ambuj Goyal and Fred Balboni led earlier this month, and where she sees SPSS (pending closure) fitting in to IBM's portfolio:

In a teleconference last week, Ambuj Goyal, General Manager of IBM’s Information Management (IM) group, spent time promoting the notion of an information-led transformation as part of its Information On Demand strategic initiative. The concept is aimed at allowing companies that are driven by the need to leverage growing volumes of information to make substantial efficiency gains from optimising the decision-making process. SPSS plays a key role in enabling this vision, but it is not the only element. It is the combination of the company’s software, services and research expertise that provides the real ‘secret sauce’ behind its information transformation initiative.
Behind the marketing gloss, IBM is using the information-led transformation theme to describe how the next generation of business efficiencies will come from applying realtime analytics to optimise decisions at the point of impact – what IBM labels as ‘micro optimisation’.
In contrast to macro optimisation, which requires the analysis of large amounts of data by dedicated analysts, IBM believes micro optimisation will allow individuals within companies to move from a ‘sense and respond’ paradigm towards one in which they can ‘predict and act’ in the context of their everyday job and without being an expert. And this is where the future role of SPSS comes into sharper focus.

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