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Sorry, Eric!

It looks like those of us on the Sametime team owe Eric Mack an apology.  I have to say, serving as the impetus for an eProductivity expert to introduce a "DeProductivity" tag on his blog is not exactly one of my proudest moments.

As he documented here and here, Eric, who uses Lotus Sametime 7.5 at work (happily, he says) tried attending a meeting hosted on IBM's corporate deployment of Sametime from IE7, with the short version of the story being we basically hosed his PC.  

It looks like what happened was that our Sametime server (which is running Sametime 3.1 - more on this below), when hit from IE7, unnecessarily (and incorrectly) pushed down an old Microsoft VM, which in turn became the default java VM in IE.  Since this VM is no longer supported in Sametime 7.5 (or by Microsoft itself, I believe), it obviously caused all sorts of trouble when Eric later tried to get into a Sametime 7.5 meeting or other applications.

We're working to nail down the exact cause of the problem and get a patch posted, and I agree with Eric that we should get a technote out in case others encounter the problem, as well.

So again, Eric, our apologies.  And as a small token for your troubles you've got a "Lotus Sametime" stress ball heading your way to take out your frustration on should you ever encounter problems like this again (which, hopefully, you won't).

As promised - more on IBM's deployment of Sametime Web conferences.

IBM is a very heavy user of Web conferencing - averaging over 1,000 Web conferences a day with over 118 million connection minutes in 2006.  Because of this heavy usage and because of the way IBM's back end directory and database infrastructure is built, as well as integration involving our charge-back billing process, up to now IBM has used a customized version Sametime and Sametime Enterprise Meeting server for deployment in this environment (And I think it says something about Sametime that even back with v3.1 it had the flexibility to support this).  Given this set up, it hasn't made sense for the CIO's office to upgrade to Sametime 6.5.1 or 7.0.  With the enhancements made in Sametime 7.5, though, the CIO's office will shortly be rolling out what I believe will pretty much be an off-the-shelf deployment of Sametime 7.5 (7.5.1, actually) across IBM.  I for one can't wait!

For more details on IBM's deployment of Sametime and plans for Sametime 7.5, check out the presentation delivered at Lotusphere this year by Christopher Pepin and Matt Simpson:  Link