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Sometimes it’s the little things, v8.0

While Lotus Sametime 8 is not going to deliver the same broad extent of end user enhancements that we brought forward with Lotus Sametime 7.5 or even 7.5.1, the UI team is continuing to work their magic in refining and enhancing the user experience.  I don't want to spoil all the surprises that will be coming out in Lotus Sametime 8, but here's one new enhancement I just happened across while trying out the beta client.

Image:Sometimes it’s the little things, v8.0

In Lotus Sametime 7.5/7.5.1, if you've scrolled back up to read something from earlier in the conversation, you might miss the fact that a new message had been sent (since, thankfully, the chat window doesn't pop you back down to the bottom automatically).  With Lotus Sametime 8 there's a little alert that will come up at the bottom of the chat window to let you know that a new message has been received.  



    Bernd Steidele | Website: | 11/9/2007 3:02:16 PM GMT

    Hi Adam,

    when will Sametime 8 be available? GA?

    Adam Gartenberg | Website: | 11/9/2007 3:43:58 PM GMT

    Later this quarter.

    John Head | Website: | 11/9/2007 4:29:26 PM GMT

    when will we see ST 8.0 client updates to Notes 8? 8.0.1 or the NMFR?

    | Website: | 11/14/2007 1:16:00 AM GMT

    In Sametime 7.5.x (the one that comes with R8):

    If the same time chat window has been minimized and someone replies or writes something in that window, is it possible that the window stays minimized? Now the chat window popsup every time. Or is there some property in user preferences to handle this?

    Adam Gartenberg | Website: | 11/14/2007 5:32:20 AM GMT

    @4 - I'd have to double-check what's in the entitled version, but there should be notification preferences under the Sametime heading in the preferences panel. This should give you the ability to set whether the window pops to the front or stays minimized.

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