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Social Media (and examples of uses of Wikis)

It was a reference to Web 2.0/Social media that brought me to the ExperienceCurve blog (via Beyond the Brand), and there are certainly some interesting comments there continuing on the theme of Web 2.0 = social media/human web/etc.

The cluetrain had it right when it said the markets were conversations, and Scoble had it partially right when he said the next web was a human web (I say partially right because it’s a human web right now). What is catapulting the web into the 21st century is not the technology, not the ajax, not the SOA, it’s the people, or more accurate the propensity of people to be social, and interact.

However, I also found something interesting a few posts down - a collection of "uncommon" uses of a Wiki, including one that stood out for me:  A wiki set up by Motorola for the instruction manual for the Motorola Q.

I wonder how the user-generated manual differs from what Motorola shipped in the box?  (For that matter, I wonder how a user-generated manual for Sametime or Notes or any other product would differ.)