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"Smarter planet is not a marketing campaign… it’s a description of what’s happening in the world.”

The headline above was captured by Todd Watson at the IBM Industry Summit taking place in Barcelona, Spain this week (IBM Industry Summit: Smart Planet, Smarter Business Opportunity For Partners).

It was related by IBM Senior Vice President Mike Rhodin as an introduction to how an explosion of new information — when integrated, analyzed, and acted upon using new types of intelligence — enables solutions that help build a smarter planet.  Increasingly, they also come through industry-specific approaches.

We can now actually predict traffic jams 45 minutes into the future, Rhodin explained, and then make that analysis a closed loop process that allows traffic monitors to adjust the timing of their traffic lights on the fly in order to prevent those jams from ever happening. (And hearkening back to my posts from the Information on Demand conference from two weeks ago, that’s why the Big Data chicken has to cross the road!)

Rhodin explained that CEOs don’t wake up thinking to themselves, “I need to buy a server today.” (Well, most of them.) No, they’re looking for a way to stay competitive in an increasingly complex world (see yesterday’s set-up post for more from the IBM Global CEO Study).

That means IBM and its partners have to change what and how we sell moving forward.

Our clients, Rhodin explained, need repeatable solutions and industry expertise (and yet only one-third of partners believe they are well-prepared to address customer industry solution needs).

There is currently too much first generation delivery, when customers (and partners, for that matter) don’t want to start over on a new version every single instance of change. They want to build on what they have.

Read Todd's full post for more on why so many people have come together for this major event and how IBM expects our industry approach is going to help organizations capture that much more value.

The Smarter Planet blog is also covering the event, and you can read their kickoff post here:  Live from Barcelona: A Discussion on the Future of Industries.

They highlight the innovation IBM has delivered over the past almost 100 years, ranging from the initial SABRE reservation system through examples that should be familiar to you from previous posts on this blog, such as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and California’s Alameda County Social Services Agency.  

As you can see highlighted across both stories, Information Management, Content Management and Business Analytics play an integral role in this space.

Stay tuned to Todd's and the Smarter Planet blogs for more updates, or you can follow along on Twitter via the #IBMSYM hashtag.