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Simon Barratt: Upgrade Pains

Simon Barratt is trying to upgrade his Microsoft Live Communications Server pilot to Office Communications Server 2007, but has discovered something that it sounds like is causing quite a fair bit of frustration:

If you deploy Office Communications Server and Communicator 2007, and configure users for enhanced presence, when a user logs into Office Communications Server using Communicator 2007, this account can no longer use previous versions of Communicator. The user can also not log on to Communicator Web Access or Communicator Mobile. Additionally, Communicator 2007 clients cannot log on to Live Communications Server 2005. Verify that any user whose client is upgraded to Communicator 2007 is hosted on an Office Communications Server.

Basically you cannot mix and match these products, there is no co-existance.  You have to build a new environment just to kick the tyres.

Not so for Lotus Sametime, where you have the flexibility to mix and match clients and servers as you test or go through the upgrade process (although to get some of the new capabilities introduced with Lotus Sametime 7.5.x you will need to run it against a Lotus Sametime 7.5.x server.)  With multi-community (server) support you could even use the same Lotus Sametime client against multiple servers (so you can use the Sametime 7.5.1 client against a production Sametime 6.5.1 or 7.0 server while also connecting to a pilot/trial Sametime 7.5.1 server, for example.)

Link:  Upgrade pains