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Siemens Strikes OEM Agreement to License OpenScape Technology to IBM

I did want to comment briefly on another part of today's news; namely the announcement that we will be OEMing technology for Sametime "Unified Telephony" from Siemens OpenScape.

To pull a few quotes from the press release

"Our companies share the goal of developing extensible unified communications solutions that are based on open standards and integrate seamlessly into business processes." [Said Bruce Morse, vice president, unified communication and collaboration, IBM]

Another important enterprise IT benefit is that incorporating OpenScape technology into the Lotus Sametime "Unified Telephony" offering will enable Lotus customers to decouple their unified communications investments from their PBX infrastructure. This makes a single, consistent communications image across a heterogeneous telephony environment possible.

By incorporating OpenScape technology, Lotus software users will benefit from easy to use communications tools within the applications they already use regardless of their back-end telephony systems.

Link:  Siemens Strikes OEM Agreement to License OpenScape Technology to IBM