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Seth Godin on "Under New Management"

I think this is the first - I'm actually disagreeing with something that Seth Godin wrote.  (Or at least having enough of a reaction that it's registering for me.)

He comments on those "Under New Management" signs often found in stores and restaurants, and his view on it is that it's basically ego-centric, not customer-centric marketing.  

What I'm having trobule with in particular is this comment:  "If I didn't like your store before, why on earth am I paying attention to your little sign and why should I go out of my way to take another chance?"

True story:
When my wife and I moved to North Carolina from the New York City area, one of the things we really found lacking was a good Chinese restaurant.  Over time, we've found some that we like, but none are all that nearby - certainly not close enough for those last-minute "let's just order in" nights.  The said thing is, there's a Chinese restaurant literally at the entrance to our subdivision.  It's awful.  It's bad enough that we proactively warn new neighbors to stay away from it.  And every time I drive by the restaurant (which happens quite frequently), I look at the window, hoping that one day I'll find one of these signs in the window: