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Immersive Unified Communications & Collaboration?

IBM Research announced a new project, dubbed "Sametime 3-D," demonstrating the integration of Lotus Sametime with several virtual environments. The project showcases the business value virtual environments can bring to the future of unified communications.

Specifically, users can instant message a colleague and instead of only chatting with one another, launch into an immersive 3-D environment directly from within the Sametime chat session. "Sametime 3-D" creates a virtual meeting space 'on demand' that uses the capabilities of the virtual environment, including presentation tools, access to 3-D objects in the avatar's inventory and full avatar functionality.

Today, at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo [Sept 3rd], IBM will be demonstrating the integration of Lotus Sametime with the OpenSim virtual world platform. See demo video here: In addition to IBM's work with the OpenSim platform, IBM and Forterra Systems have been working together to develop and release later in 2008 a futuristic unified communications solution code-named "Babel Bridge" for the U.S. intelligence agencies. Also, IBM is pursuing similar integration capabilities between Lotus(R) Sametime(R) software platform and a variety of other environments including the ActiveWorlds platform.