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Sametime Quick Tip: Voice Chats

We all know that Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT) adds some pretty powerful telephony capabilities to the portfolio... including telephony presence, click-to-call, a very intuitive softphone, intelligent call routing, drag & drop ad-hoc conference calls and the ability to work with multiple back end PBX's. The good news is that Sametime Standard and Advanced users who don't have SUT aren't left on hold. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Standard (and Advanced) gives you the ability to have a voice chat with up to 5 other online Sametime users. No, computer-to-computer VoIP doesn't let you place calls to the outside world. But it can be almost as powerful. A 1,000 person company could shave $60,000 a year from their phone bill if each employee replaced 12.5 minutes of phone calls per day with instant messages or voice chats. According to industry stats, the average business call is 2.5 minutes long... so 12.5 minutes equates to 5 calls per day. And we all know there are times when its easier to convey it verbally than to type it all out.

Starting a Voice Chat is simple. From the contact list, highlight the names you'd like to call, right click and choose the call option. Alternatively, click on the phone icon in the toolbar.

Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Voice Chats

Also, from any individual or group tet chat window, click on the call button to start a voice chat with the current participants.

Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Voice Chats

Once in the call, you'll have a chat window for sending files or screen shots, call control functions and a list of who is present in the call... including icons to indicate who is speaking. The call control functions include microphone and speaker volume levels, hold, invite others, end call and escalate to a video chat. (Yes, Sametime even has built in desktop video.... but we'll cover that in another Quick Tip.) Call moderators can also mute or un-mute everyone on the call.

Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Voice Chats