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Sametime Quick Tip: Tabbed Chats

Have you tried the Tabbed Chat interface in Sametime? It consolidates all of your discussions (including Persistent Group Chats and Voice Chats) into a single window. I find this especially important as individual chat windows can become "lost" across multiple displays and virtual desktops. When traveling I also appreciate need for less screen real estate on my laptop's 13-inch screen.

To activate Tabbed Chats, go to Sametime Preferences-> Chat Window and check the box next to "Use tabbed windows for multiple chats". You also have the option of organizing the tabs across the top or down the side of the chat window, as illustrated below.

Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Tabbed Chats

Vertical Tabs Horizontal Tabs
Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Tabbed Chats Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Tabbed Chats