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Sametime Quick Tip: Off the Record Mode

Last week, our Quick Tip focussed on having Sametime automatically save your chat transcripts on your local machine. But there are times when you may want to ensure that a conversation is kept private. For that, Sametime has an "Off the Record Mode" that disables the transcript recording for both you and your chat partner. (Of course, any server based logging your organization may do will still occur.) Note that this mode needs to be invoked for each chat and lasts as long as the current chat window is open. Close the chat and the next session will revert to normal behavior.

To enable Off-the-Record Mode, open any chat window and, from the Tools menu, select "Prevent Transcript Save." Both you and your chat partner will see a message indicating that transcript saving has been disabled. Also note the new icon at the bottom of the chat window.

Image:Sametime Quick Tip: Off the Record Mode