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Sametime on Linux Coverage

Coverage of the Sametime on Linux announcement starts coming in:
(Updated - 12:15 pm ET)

InfoWorld (IDG News Service):  IBM preps Linux version of Sametime
Also CIO, ComputerWorld New Zealand

IBM hasn't estimated what percentage of customers will deploy Sametime on Linux, Marshak said. However, interest is high in industries like education and government, and among small and medium-size companies, because of the generally lower costs of Linux systems and the flexibility of open source, he said. "The two major themes are choice and cost of ownership," [IBM's David] Marshak said.
The porting of Sametime to Linux is yet another swipe IBM is taking at Microsoft, said Jim Murphy, research director with AMR Research. With this move, IBM offers a lower-cost operating system alternative for Sametime as many customers ponder whether to invest in Vista, Windows' upcoming upgrade, a likely more expensive and longer-term commitment, he said. "There's a lot of competitive positioning in this move," Murphy said.

eWeek:  IBM Unveils Linux IM
"This move will mark the first time that the millions of Linux users worldwide will have the ability to run this real-time collaboration platform on both the desktop and server in a 100 percent Linux environment," said Scott Handy, IBM's vice president of worldwide Linux strategy, in Armonk, N.Y.

ComputerWorld:  LinuxWorld: IBM to boost desktop Linux with Sametime
IBM added to its repertoire of enterprise desktop Linux software today, announcing that its Lotus Sametime instant messaging (IM) client software will be able to run on the open-source operating system by the end of the summer.

Instant Messaging Planet:  IBM to Add a Linux Look to Lotus Sametime 7.5
IBM fired another shot at Redmond and Microsoft's Live Communications Server today when it announced plans to ship a Linux client and a Linux server version of its Lotus Sametime 7.5 instant messaging product. The news comes on the opening day of the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

CNET News:  IBM brings Sametime IM to Linux
IBM has developed the Linux editions as a result of customer interest, said David Marshak, senior product manager for real-time collaboration. "One of the key questions to implementing a Linux desktop is whether the applications are there," he said.

InternetNews:  Linux Collaboration: All About The Apps
And then there's IBM.

In July, Big Blue announced that after years of customer requests, it was finally going to provide Lotus Notes for the Linux desktop.

IBM is now following up that initiative by making Lotus Sametime 7.5 available on Linux.

Intelligent Enterprise: IBM Adds Sametime to Its Open-Source Catalog

Following on the heels of its July release of Linux-ready Lotus Notes, IBM announced today it will roll out Sametime 7.5 instant messaging and web conferencing software for Linux, Windows and other platforms (it's Eclipse based and therefore platform neutral) sometime this summer.

"Open source and Linux are here to stay -- customers are voting with their wallets," declares Nallu Reddy, director of worldwide open source and Linux sales for the IBM Software Group.