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Sametime / OCS 2007 Interop II

Although it took a tad longer than anticipated, the Sametime 8.0.2 Gateway hotfix that enables OCS interoperability is now available on FixCentral. Just to recap:

  •  Interoperability will include federated identity, online presence awareness and the ability to exchange text chats between enterprises
  •  You'll need Sametime Standard 8.0.2 and the hotfix for the Sametime Gateway in 8.0.2
  •  Sametime Advanced customers are entitled to all the features in Sametime Standard. Just upgrade to the Standard 8.0.2 components and apply the hotfix
  •  Both companies are leveraging SIP/SIMPLE to connect the environments
  •  This is specifically for Sametime / OCS interoperability... not MSN
  •  OCS customers should check with Microsoft for any specific requirements

Addendum. See this technote on all the fixes in Sametime Gateway 8.0.2 Hotfix HF1