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Sametime Launch Events and Webcast

On September 13 we will be formally kicking off the launch events for Sametime 7.5 with a webcast and live event in New York City.  More details and registration information are available here:   Real-Time. Right Now.

I am very excited about these events, which will be the beginning of world wide events led both by IBM and by a number of our partners.  In addition to a keynote, guest speakers, and lots of cool demos, we're going to have breakout sessions across technical and business tracks.  On the technical side, we'll have a session geared towards administrators (highlighting server-side updates, security and compliance, deployment best practices, and plugin management) and another on how to extend your Sametime 7.5 solution (focusing on application development for Sametime 7.5, creating plugin extensions, and application development opportunities on the server side).  

For the business track, one of the sessions will focus on the business case for real-time collaboration (providing examples of how businesses are deriving value from Sametime and specific actions you can take to make the case for IM and Web conferencing in your company), and the other will focus on how to take Sametime beyond the buddy list and the benefits of embedding presence, IM and Web conferencing into other applications, integrating it with telephony or video solutions, and giving an example of the kind of solutions starting to become available from the broad Sametime partner ecosystem.

I think the key thing to highlight about the events (and Sametime 7.5 in general), is that this is not your teenager's instant messaging.  A common thread you'll hear throughout the event is how Sametime now lets you expand beyond simple instant messaging and Web conferencing (not to minimize the benefit of those capabilities, of course) so that you can better run your business in real-time.  If you're still thinking of IM as just another form of talking or a faster version of e-mail, come check out the webcast or find a local event... you might be surprised at how real-time collaboration really can change the way you work, the way you respond to customers, or even your entire business model.

Register today.


    Mohammed Farooque | Website: | 8/28/2006 8:18:51 AM GMT

    IBM is going to use a third party ( of Sametime for their Launch. Why ?

    Mohammed Farooque

    Sametime Admin

    Thank you for registering for the Real-Time Right Now! launch webcast presentation.

    In today’s business world, nobody wants to wait. To keep up, you need to work in the now. The “Real-time. Right now,” Webcast will demonstrate how IBM® Lotus® Sametime® 7.5 lets you conduct business in real-time, providing you with the immediate results you demand Learn how your company can benefit from conducting business in real-time, while helping you become more familiar with the improved Sametime 7.5 features. Imagine using an instant message to video, telephone or audio conference. Also take advantage of voice over IP. It’s all integrated in the newest version of Sametime

    Title: Real-Time Right Now!

    Date: September 13, 2006

    Time: 3:00 – 4:30 Eastern Daylight Time

    Duration: 90 minutes

    { Link }

    You can also view the event for 6 months after broadcast date at the link provided above.


    Important: System Setup & Compatibility Check

    Test the computer that you will be using and make sure you have the minimum technical requirements to attend this event. Allow sufficient time prior to the event for this test. Test at { Link }

    Adam Gartenberg | Website: | 8/29/2006 7:50:22 AM GMT

    As much as I'd love it to be different, Sametime wasn't built to do large-scale webcast video streaming on its own, which is what we need for an event like this.

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