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Sametime Gateway for Business Partners

Lately, I've been hearing the same question from a lot of our business partners: "How can I demonstrate how the Sametime Gateway interfaces with AOL & Yahoo!?".

The first thing is to download the Gateway from PartnerWorld and install it. Then you need to be provisioned. Basically, this means we have to tell AOL & Yahoo! that your Gateway is valid and they should accept your connections. For customers, this is pretty straightforward. There is a web-based application that validates that they are an active Sametime customer, asks for some information about their configuration and transmits the data to AOL & Yahoo!.

Unfortunately, the provisioning application isn't tied into PartnerWorld... so there isn't any way to automatically validate your partner status. But all hope is not lost! You just need to send the requested information to and we'll do it for you. Actually, that email address points back to me... so I'll do it for you. A full list of instructions and the information I need is posted in the Sametime Information Center here.